Autistically Unschooling

Autistic Adventures in Unschooling!

One Autistic family’s journey in unschooling education.

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My Own Schooling Adventure Interlude

This is an Interlude (capital I) because periodically throughout the blog I will be Interluding about my thoughts and experiences regarding unschooling. In the end this blog is mostly going to be me (and my autism *waves*) with a smattering of John Holt, Alfie Kohn, Charlotte Mason, Peter Gray, and many many others. I began […]

Neurodiversity and the Benefits of Unschooling

Neurodiversity is the recognition that all brains are different and some brains are different enough from the neuromajority (often called “normal people”) that we are given a diagnosis and known as “neurodivergent.” My diagnosis is Autism Spectrum “Disorder” and three of my children carry that diagnosis as well. Two more of my Autistic children also […]

Unschooling With Very Little Money

Money makes everything in our society easier. People who don’t have much money, don’t have many options, regardless of how their children learn things. For most of my adult life we lived below the poverty line, barely having money enough for food, let alone enrichment activities. Unschooling CAN be done on a shoestring (or nonexistent) […]

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